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Welcome to 2074.

Welcome to my world.

"The world has changed dramatically by 2074.
Only a few creative spots like this remain.

The 'Rationalists,' an advanced 'Super AI,' have taken over the world, and we humans have nearly become obsolete.

Therefore, please explore, exercise & expand your creativity to collaborate better with humans & machines.

Check out my videos below to understand the full scope. The future lies in your hands!" - Karim

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Inspire your team to become a creative powerhouse.

Book a keynote speech that activates your team's curiosity, builds their creativity, and sharpens their senses for culture & collaboration.


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Speeches & pricing


A few examples of past speeches (online & on-site) + pricing

1. The art & neuroscience of creative thinking


In this interactive keynote speech, I talk about the art & science of creative thinking and how creativity works from a neuroscientific view. This is the ground work to build highly innovative teams.

2. The power of diversity for organizational creativity

How can diverse people & teams embrace creative thinking, creative confidence, and their cultural background as an advantage to become the creative powerhouse of their organization?

3. Enable change through behavioral design


In times of the attention economy, it is crucial to understand the science behind what keeps the attention of your clients & employees. And therefore, what needs to be done to enable successful change processes?

4. Design for a healthy high-performance culture


Learn the culture design method and pragmatic culture tools to build healthy, high-performing team cultures. Attract, retain, and develop talent for the long run.

Every keynote speech is a unique and individualized speech adjusted to the needs, challenges, and opportunities of the organization. It includes 


  1. Two full days of preparation.

  2. Execution of the interactive speech from 15 to 90 minutes. 

  3. Debrief calls and free material for the organization in an online or on-site setting.


Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the size of the audience, from 10 to 100, to 1000+ participants.


Keynote pricing excl. VAT  & pot. travel costs

Pricing for speeches at NGOs/non-profits, startups & conferences can be negotiated individually.


For my other services like "creative strategy, business innovation, or culture design consulting/workshops", just reach out here please.





Gregorine Agbekponou, IT Strategy & African Employee Resource Group



Maddalena Benedetto, 

D&I Manager




Prof. Dr. Bettina Maisch, Lecturer for Business Innovation and Design Thinking



Julia Bossert,

Digital Business Transformation




Karim was a keynote speaker at our annual African community get-together at Accenture. The topic was "how to increase the innovation potential through cultural diversity". Karim convinces not only with his technical expertise but also with his empathy, energy, and uniqueness in presenting topics. The community had a lot of fun with the keynote, learned new facts, and at the same time felt empowered. 

Karim’s ability to make DE&I & creativity subjects accessible to the audience is one of the elements I appreciated the most. For me there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people getting enthusiastic and open to learning. - Karim stands out not only for his knowledge and experience but also because he’s able to connect with the audience and break the invisible glass that at times separates speakers and the public. He shows himself as a person with a unique personality (and humor!).

Karim was a co-lecturer during my MBA course on creativity at the University of St. Gallen. I was impressed by his inspiring way of storytelling & how he put scientific research into easy-to-understand learning bites. For two full days in remote teaching set up, he excelled at not only capturing the attention of students but truly engaging them on the science behind creativity in an inspiring and interactive teaching style.

Karim was the keynote speaker for our portfolio managers event at Deutsche Bahn. We discussed the topic of Change Management and Karim added a lot of new value for us through his neuroscience-based approach to explaining change and culture design. He hold up the mirror to us and provided many AHA moments. It was educational and entertaining at the same time. I could have listened to Karim for many more hours, especially with his unique way of presenting while having the right amount of humor and seriousness.

“Karim can inspire as a speaker and taught us very vividly methods for the increase of creativity combined with new insights from neuroscience. He lives the topic and thrilled the audience through personal examples and stories.“

Markus Lehmeier, 

Senior Manager Business Development

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Let's collaborate









Join organizations around the world inspiring their teams through creative keynotes to more clarity, creativity & change. 

"Karim’s business know-how and how he connects the dots in new ways is just mind-blowing." - Dr. Jochen Brandhoff


About me


Karim Mustaghni is the co-founder of and a keynote speaker with 150+ speeches experience. He is a creativity and DEI/team culture expert and an experienced business innovation consultant with 15+ years of work experience around the world.


Karim has spent 8+ years understanding and gathering data on how organizational creativity and team collaboration works. He has developed a passion for teaching creative thinking and designing healthy, high-performing team cultures through methods based on work experience, behavioral design and neuroscientific studies. He is on a mission to unlock the full diverse 'creative' potential of humans and organizations through a holistic culture approach.


Networks are his thing. He lived on five continents, built himself a one-of-a-kind network of 2500+ global experts and innovators, and served as the first community director of Sigma Squared Society, a leading tech community comprising nearly 1000 cutting-edge startups worldwide. He is a Global Shaper, an initiative of the WEF, a fellow at 2hearts, Sandbox, Nexus & the BMW Foundation. Karim is also the host of the creativity podcast "What If...?" and an artist at

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Karim Mustaghni

Keynote Speaker


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