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• A global citizen (lived on 5 continents) with 15+ years experience as a founder, investor, business designer, artist, keynote speaker & guest lecturer
• An Expert in enhancing creativity, building strong team cultures & solving complex problems creatively
• Member of global communities, e.g. World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Sandbox, Sigma Squared Society, Nexus, etc.
• Built an active 2500+ strong network of global innovators & leaders around the world
• Host of the creativity podcast "What If... ?" on Apple and Spotify
• Loves to cook, drink espresso macchiato, paint, create music, and get lost in Tokyo

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Maddalena Benedetto (778 of 1)_edited_edited.jpg

Maddalena Benedetto

Zalando, D&I Manager


Prof. Dr. Bettina Maisch

Professor for Entrepreneurship


Max Thake

Peaq, CEO

Karím’s ability of making D&I and creativity subjects accessible to the audience is one of the elements I appreciated the most. The way he designed the sessions for us at Zalando enabled the participants to engage with the topics, regardless of their prior knowledge or background. For me there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people getting enthusiastic and open to learn. - Karim stands out not only for his knowledge and experience, but also because he’s able to connect with the audience and break the invisible glass that at times separates speakers and public. He shows himself as a person with an unique personality (and humor!).

Karím was a co-lecturer during my MBA course on creativity at the University of St. Gallen. I was impressed by his inspiring way of storytelling & how he put scientific research into easy-to-understand learning bites. For two full days in remote teaching set up, he excelled at not only capturing the attention of students but truly engaging them on the science behind creativity in an inspiring and interactive teaching style.

I joined Karím's 'Enhancing creativity through neuroscience' speech at the Sigma Squared conference in Venice. Few talks stick with me as much as this one did. It was well thought out, invited you to consider different ways of doing things - and really entertaining. I found myself going over the lessons and anecdotes Karím used, applying them to my work/life and passing them on to others. Over two years on, I still purposely take different routes to work to spark creativity. (It works.)


Marina Zayats

Author & CEO Branding Expert


David Dau

EBSpreneurship Forum


Franziska Metzbaur

Jugend Gründet

Karim is one of the best connected person I know and it's easy to understand why: He is insightful (has always an interesting & valuable story to share), he creates so much value by connecting smart minds and he is an avid learner. His keynotes on creativity are a must for everyone who wants to integrate the power of creativity in their work and life.

I met Karim back at WHU when he was giving a unique Workshop about creativity. Everybody in this room was fascinated by a very authentic and phenomenal speaker. 2 years later I was still amazed how he inspired over 100 students at WHU and invited him to EBS as a speaker about creativity. When Karim came to EBSpreneurship Forum and held his speech, he charmed the crowd. It’s a pleasure working with him!

It has been my greatest pleasure to work with Karim. He has a unique way of presenting content that inspires and picks up beginners and experts alike. With his help, we have been able to inspire thousands of young people and adults to incorporate creativity into their daily lives, with the great goal of seeing joy and opportunity in change, and to inspire initiative. I couldn't recommend working with Karim more. I sincerely hope that there will be another opportunity for us soon.


Markus Lehleiter

Union Investment

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Prof. Dr. Maika Rawolle


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Dr. Johannes Lauer

Here Technologies

“Karim can inspire as a speaker and taught us very vividly methods for the increase of creativity combined with new insights from neuroscience. He lives the topic and thrilled the audience through personal examples and stories.“

"Karím's talk at Tech Open Air was a great inspiration to me. I enjoyed his refreshing way of presenting & had some great takeaways on enhancing creativity that I immediately put into practice." 


"Karím inspired the whole team and helped to accelerate creativity by easy to apply techniques in our daily work. With his exercises, he captured the audience and generated more than once a "wow-effect."



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